Homefront trailer = Awesome Jason Statham


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obsessed with music

Stereophonics new album = obsessed with

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Hello and welcome to nothing in particular

This is the name of the new sit-com I’m starring in.  Nah…not really.  Not feeling too confident these days.  I think I’m there, and I’m happy and excited to be doing something creative, and then I take a second look and criticize the hell out of myself.

I’m like a jack of all trades; who’s a master of none

Whether it be photography, drawing, reading, writing…it just never seems good enough, or not the golden moment where it all comes together to keep me satisfied.  Don’t even mention me trying to get my eating and exercise to a productive and healthy level…nike + running app on my phone laughs when I click on it, and I made banana muffins this morning with the intention of not eating any (I’m on my 3rd one right now).  Whew…

I read a truly funny tweet this morning from Kelly Oxford:

Who the fuck does my friend think she is posting an old picture of herself like it’s Thursday?

Which totally cracked me up, and of course I immediately sigh in relief…what? I can let go of Man Crush Monday, and Throw back Thursday!?!  What a concept!  Not that I was really a stickler for rules, but I was desperate to cling onto something that is/was an instagram staple.  I was trying to be like all the other cool kids…sarcasm plays well with me.

I bought Kelly Oxford’s book and will get into that when I finish what I’m reading now…although…I have been known to read several books at the same time.  I’M STILL READING the last Harry Potter book (going on year ?3?4?) and have finished several other books while it gets pushed aside.

randy couture and jason stathamI have not watched Spike TV for a long time.  Didn’t even check out Guys Choice awards.  Jason Statham seems to have fallen out of favor with them, so naturally I will boycott them.  I am keeping up to date with Jason’s stuff…you know…important stuff…like looking at photographs of him eating, walking to the restaurant/shop and then back to his car again.  Big old rumour floating about was that Jason and his girlfriend of 3 years are going to get engaged.  I must admit that I enjoy seeing them together – they’re both cool and snazzy dressers.  What I wouldn’t shop for with unlimited funds…I could give Rosie and Jason a run for competition.

Expendables 3 will start filming very shortly, and I was really happy to have Jason confirm that he would be “nuts” not to do the Expendables…so he’s fitting it in before he shoots Fast and Furious 7.  These are both going to be absolutely huge movies at the boxoffice.  And Jason still does his own thing, with Homefront, and Heat done and dusted waiting for the theatre.  I think I’ll have to wait until DVD for Hummingbird/Redemption, as with it’s limited release seems to have not included smaller Canadian markets.  Such a shame because it sounds and looks really good.  It’ll be like Revolver – I will probably watch it, and then when it’s over, I’ll watch it again and think about it non-stop for the following weeks, and then I’ll be inspired to write…and I’ll write and write and write, and then I’ll hate what I wrote…and I’ll be back on the blog complaining to no one in particular of my own failures/shortcomings whatever…stay tuned.

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The things that i love…

I love instagram.  Which makes me happy that I swapped my beloved BlackBerry phone for an iPhone 5.  And my dog…i love my dog.


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Wonderful Women Wednesday – part 2

Someone who has been around Canadian television forever is Jeanne Beker.  Much Music, Canada’s music station was such a huge part of my life growing up.  I loved music, I stayed up late at night to watch music shows, and was a massive fan of The New Music which featured music from across the world.  I’m not sure exactly how long Jeanne was on Much Music, but I mostly connect her with Fashion Television.  She is such an iconic figure covering fashion, and is well respected by the fashion industry. jeanne-beker1

Not that I’m incredibly knowledgeable about the fashion industry, but I love the way she meanders through the crowd and is able to speak to the designers, and get behind the curtain as well.  I love her enthusiasm and her passion for what she is presenting.

Way back I boycotted her because she was the author of an article in the newspaper slamming Paul McCartney for his lyrics.  I have to laugh about that now, because I sort of agreed with her comment on the particular song she was talking about, but I also would never have admitted that back then.  And since she has interviewed Paul on many occasions and even got exclusives at Stella McCartney shows.

To me she stands out as someone to be inspired by simply for her passion and dedication in whatever she is doing…reporting on fashion, designing her own fashion line, staying current and she remains the go to woman for her fashion expertise.


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Wonderful Women Wednesday

I’m sure that I am not the first to have this idea as a post.  I seem to be spending a lot of time focusing on Men that I admire, so I decided that Wednesday would be the day that I focus on inspirational Women.  So let’s get started shall we???

rosie styleOk, so I’m not solving world issues here…meet Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as my first pin-up for Wonderful Women day.  I love a good fedora.  Last time I wore one was in a pub while at university.  I’m sure I didn’t turn any heads like our model Rosie, except to have the odd whisper “why the hell would she wear a hat like that in here?”  ANYWAY…I would love to find another one to adorn my noggin.

So, what’s wonderful here is the effortless style (well, I’m sure there was SOME effort in putting this ensemble together) and comfort, and ease, and oozzzing coolness.

While she is known for looking good being a supermodel, she obviously has her own style and I love it.  Somewhat of a jeans and a t-shirt girl isn’t she?  But she adds the boots, the shades, the jacket, and the wonderful hat and handbag and she is no ordinary jeans and t girl any longer.  I used to love to dress like this.  Putting something out of the ordinary on, so it looks together, but is definitely eye-catching.  And you meant to do that.

Thank you Rosie for inspiring me to get my style back in everyday me.


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I had 22 dreams last night, and you were in 21…again

Just for the heck of it – let’s post a pic or two of Jason Statham.  If you haven’t checked out his facebook page, I highly recommend it – I wish I had such a collection of pictures of me to show off.  Oh well – the glamorous life indeed…below are two of my favourite pics of him.  He’s busy filming in New Orleans at the moment on his movie called “Heat”, and dodging the media and endless questions about his involvement in the Fast and Furious franchise.  Looks like he might get a month or no time off this summer, and then back to work with Fast and Furious 7…and somewhere he better be fitting in Expendables 3 which had been talked about to be filming this August…can’t NOT do the Expendables Jason!  If his role in Expendables gets diminished, or eliminated I would lose interest pretty quickly.



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