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ramblings of a sad ole b!tch

Hello there people.  Seems I don’t get on here too often.  I’m not sure anyone ever bothered to read my previous posts/blogs whatever they are called, and I’m not sure anyone will read this one, but here we go with some ramblings of a self proclaimed “sob” (sad ole b!itch)…

Rambling number one,

I’m not sure that I belong in this town…I don’t hunt, fish, snowmobile, canoe, camp, or hike, but I do like to drink beer.  If you like quiet, one lane driving then this is the place for you.  Lately I’ve been just dreaming of getting out of here, dreading another winter, long, cold, too much snow…just yuk.  It doesn’t seem to be on the horizon for us, but we will continue to try.  I miss my friends and family too much.  So, I’ve just been heaping on the hate for this little town which doesn’t deserve it, but the hate continues to fester.  I dislike the stupid little bugs that seem to live only in our back yard, and at the spot where the boy and I wait for his school bus.  Nasty little things make me a raving lunatic, especially when they get in my eye.

Rambling number two,

I work retail.  It is basically the only job I could get.  I went to the employment office to ask for … I don’t know… help?  And the only advice I took home with me was, “Yes there is a lot of nepotism around here.”  Thanks for nothing.  However, this retail gig has been interesting from day one.  I really have no fear of talking to not only complete strangers, but really weird ones too.  I do fail to hide my “I’m not going to put up with your sh!t, so get the f*ck away from me weirdo” face.  It can be a good source of entertainment though, and most of the people I work with are pretty darn hilarious, and fun to work with.  I don’t really take my job seriously, except when it comes to making sure that I don’t make any mistakes.  I dislike mistakes.  There are so many stories to tell about interactions with customers, and some employees, but I won’t mention them here…they are being stored in an attempt to use them one day in the career I would rather have…writing.

Rambling number three,

There seems to be a shortage of time.  I’m absolutely exhausted at the end of the day…sometimes 8:30pm, which is something of a tragedy.  Because, if I want to write, when the heck is that supposed to happen?  Precisely my objection to myself…don’t go to bed now, boot up that computer and write something!  This is the first time I’ve been writing more than my schedule or grocery list in a long time.  Shortage of time, and bad management of time is my nemesis.  Good thing is that I have actually finished a couple of books, and put some marks on paper that may or may not resemble art.  It has been a few weeks since I did a piece of art though, and today I was really wanting to do some, but I grabbed my camera and went for a family shuffle through the woods instead.  Really a good idea, as there are a couple of shots that got me smiling.

So, here are some things that make my world go round…



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a year and a bit later…meanwhile

well, hello anyone out there.  I guess I have been busy, or more likely, lazy in getting stuck onto this page.  Spending time writing and looking at photographs, taking photographs, and doing the mummy thing.  Working…there is always that.  Unfortunate that I am not independently wealthy, because I think I could handle it.

Here is what is new and exciting…I had 22 dreams last night, and you were in 21…

IMG_4334We had a brutal winter.  Cold and too much snow…as always.  California seems like a much better solution to this winter idea.  However, it makes for some very fun play time for the boy and his dog.  I got to capture a few stunning photos along the way.

Started a full time job, so there goes my idea of writing more often.  Seems like I work, play with the kid, sleep and then do it all over again the next day.  Must find time for some of my passions…photography, writing, reading, and watching Jason Statham movies.  Oh there is always time to watch Jason Statham movies.

Struggling with writing seems to be the norm for me.  I’ll sit down and have good intentions on motoring through, and then I’ll write a paragraph or two before I shut down the computer.  I think my ideas are good, but just can’t seem to get them to work out the way I want them to.  IMG_4233Oh, yeah, and I get distracted a lot.  Wish my distractions were more interesting, or productive, but it’s usually playing on my phone, watching tv shows, and wandering around the house, wishing i could just get everything I need to do completed.  It’s a bit daunting.  But the world doesn’t wait around…I need to set some goals, and drive myself to complete them.  At least attempt them…you never know what you can accomplish until you really focus.

Sometimes, I really look at myself and I think, how did I get here, and how is it that I am this old?  When did all this happen?  Pick up your camera and get something brilliant on there.  Pick up your computer, dust it off, and just write.  Pick up yourself and get a run or a workout in.  Pick up your paper and paint/pencil/chalk/marker/pastel/crayons and make some marks on paper look like art.  Get some of your passion back…this is a bit boring.

IMG_4239It’s okay though…I haven’t given up completely, so don’t worry.  I’ll be back.  Meanwhile,

IMG_4509Offered up my services for a local band to do some photos, so hopefully things go well, and I’ll be able to help them out with some live show photos in the near future.

ferrariMeanwhile…look what Jason Statham bought with his paycheck from the Fast and Furious turn he brilliantly did in part 7 of the franchise.

Watched hummingbird the other day, and wild card while I had a day off.  I love those movies.  Coming up next for him is one that should help his career, Spy, with Melissa McCarthy who is brilliant.  Can’t wait to see that one in the theatre…I can always use a good laugh.  Wondering what has happened to the proposed script for Viva La Madness.  I was very excited for this one to come to fruition…it’s such a great story, so I hope he gets that one together in the near future.  Next year will be Mechanic 2 which was shot in Thailand.

And last but not least….

paul_weller_saturns_patternWeller’s new album is due out this month and I have tickets to see him play live for the (I think) 6th time.  He is unparallelled live.  Simply the best.  Always awesome to see him in small venues, because I get a chance to be close up…now if I could just get my camera in there undetected…

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Homefront movie – coming soon!!

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The things that i love…

I love instagram.  Which makes me happy that I swapped my beloved BlackBerry phone for an iPhone 5.  And my dog…i love my dog.


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Well, hello there.  Where has the time gone…it is April 2013 and I have yet to figure out what I want to be when I grow up…I think I might give up on that one.  WHAT!  Never…I’ll never give up.  I think I’ve just come to realize that I’m really, really, really, really, really lazy.  (I can’t be that lazy – I just typed really 5 times in a row)  Still reading the book I set out to read in a few weeks in the new year…haven’t written anything in a LONG time, haven’t made any art in even longer than a LONG time.  And to make matters seem even lazier – I’ve all but stopped running.  One of the last declarations I remember was at one point I announced – “I’m going to be a grown up from now on.”  I resolve to be a grown up.  So – I guess i want to be a grown up when I grow up…?


I have been keeping busy with my camera though…and that’s good.  Here’s a pic of two favourite subjects busy keeping an eye on the neighbourhood.

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I had a dream last night…


I had a sexy dream last night, and it went something like this…

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Happy Birthday Paul Weller

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