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Hello all…a bit optimistic

purepeopleJason Statham.  Jason Statham.  Jason Statham.  Ok, so it’s possible my (Healthy?) obsession with Jason Statham has been lacking over the last little while, because, let’s face it…I actually do have a life.  Anywho…my typing skills are always needing an update, so I’m going to make a post and what better way to start off then to write about Jason.

Of course anything I write about Jason is purely speculation, or may contain actual facts, (that I read somewhere else) however, it is hopefully always going to be positive and in good taste.  At least we have that going for this bit.

Jason appears to be happy and healthy, hanging out in california either enjoying the city, or his residence in malibu.  There have been a number of articles appearing over the past few months promising us that Jason is going to be a very busy man making movies and a tv series.  We have the fast and furious franchise that will be Jason’s second appearance in the franchise, which will be in production with a release date already announced of April 2017.  We have the wonderful announcement regarding the long awaited “Viva La Madness” which will be adapted into a television series.  This makes me very happy.  I loved the book, so full of interesting characters, and Jason will be in his element playing the nameless lead character who gets drawn back into the criminal world.  There are also a couple of movies in the works, one in particular in collaboration with Tony Jaa.  Another “Mechanic” movie has been filmed and will be released fall 2016…too bad we have to wait so long to see this.  Filmed in Thailand (I think) has the familiar story line, but who doesn’t love a good dose of the main man forced to fight for all the right reasons.  Personal life seems to be good with the beautiful Rosie.  I do like her, she posts photos of her dogs more than she does of her man…I like that.  Must love dogs.

Music has been all about the new Metric, Stereophonics, and Paul Weller.  Also been checking out some of the bands promoted by the alternative radio station I like to listen to on my day off.  One such band is called “Dear Rouge” out of Vancouver (I believe).  Here is a taste of their wonderment:



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laptop neglect and Jason Statham

So it’s been a while since my last blog entry.  I’ve been busy doing nothing worth mentioning.  Well, that’s not exactly true…I’ve been parenting; worth mentioning.  But that’s about it.  Tried a little putting marks on paper…tried a little reading…tried a little exercise, but nothing to write home about.  Seriously, I need to do more.

Here I am on my laptop…just put some of the photos from a shoot on Saturday on the computer and had a good look at them.  Ok.  I’m ok with them…part two of the shoot will follow on the weekend.  It’s difficult to shoot a lot with toddlers.

Photography makes me happy.  Being busy makes me happy.  Being active makes me happy.  I’ve become so boring…how did that happen.

Anyway…here are a few Jason Statham things to ponder…

jasonstathamfbmarch2014This fantastic photo was shared by Jason Statham on his facebook page.  It’s photos like these that make me so envious of the photographer.  Lovely portrait.

It’s the end of March 2014, and what is going on in the life and times of our friend, The Stathe???

Soon to start filming (according to twitter/news feeds) the Spy comedy with Melissa McCarthy, and seemingly simultaneously, Fast and Furious 7.  Meanwhile…I hope that Jason is getting together Viva La Madness as there was a social media post from an actor in Britain celebrating the fact he got an audition for a speaking role in a Jason Statham film, and me inferring that this was indeed for Viva La Madness.  Nothing has been announced yet though hopefully it will start filming asap.

Then we have the release of Expendables 3 in August (I can wait for that one – I mean c’mon!  It’s been such a long cold winter – I will not wish away summer so quickly) and sometime after that will be Heat which has been renamed Wild Card.  Interesting.

Here’s a fun rumour…Will Jason and Rosie get married this summer?  According to “some insider” they will be married this summer in Devon.  Rosie’s camp has only announced that there is no announcement regarding a wedding.  It’s fun to romanticize about it though…I would so love to hear that they got married and just didn’t tell anyone.  If it were possible, I’m sure Jason would figure out a way.  I think they should just go right to having a baby.  But what do I know???

Onto April and spring like weather.  Say goodbye snow, dirty snow.  I won’t miss you at all.



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homefront horsesWe were lucky enough to be able to see homefront at an advance screening this past November, thanks to Action Elite.  As usual, it’s a bit of a “to-do” to get to go anywhere these days, as people who have a young child, living away from close relatives can tell you.  Funny thing about the whole event was that the theatre admission (had we paid) would have been the least expensive part of the evening.  But a night out is a night out and a Jason Statham movie rarely disappoints.

As usual, because I have followed Jason Statham so closely over the past 8 years, I knew a lot about the movie, and it’s plot without having read the Chuck Logan novel.  Piecing together snippets of the story from various teasers, trailers and promotional clips, I had a good idea of what to expect.  The best part of this was after seeing the movie; none of this left me wondering, or wanting more.  Parker and The Killer Elite left me thinking something was missing.  Homefront was a pretty entertaining movie.  Sure, you know Jason is going to come out on top, he’ll save the day and beat the living hell out of everyone on his bad side.  A recipe for success.  Thank you very much.

I enjoyed how Jason’s role as a father was made to be his main focus, and spent a lot of time giving us the docile, don’t want any trouble dad and daughter.  But of course there is trouble.  Maddie (the daughter) puts a bully in his place and soon after Phil (Jason) puts the bully boy’s father in his place.  Prompting the bully mom to call up her meth making/dealing brother to go over to Broker’s house and “mess with their heads…you know, scare ’em.”  Gator (the bully’s uncle and one James Franco) discovers Phil Broker is the DEA/Interpol agent who brought down a bike gang, known to Gator’s girlfriend.  Well, this is not good.  Gator decides to serve up Phil and Maddie to the biker gang in exchange for distributing Gator’s meth.  Fortunately, retired Phil Broker hasn’t become a fat and lazy retired agent, and is prepared for and able to handle any trouble coming his way.

The Gator character was pretty awful at being a bad ass.  He had promise, as in the beginning, he scares the hell out of some young kids cooking up meth, and you think he must be the business.  Then he turns into the most ridiculous idiot by the end of the movie.  He steals Maddie’s kitten during the break in at the Broker’s house and this is where the potential bad ass turns into a wimpy goof.  He gets his girlfriend to do the dirty work of meeting up with and sorting out a deal with the bikers, and when the ambush of casa Broker happens he sends his girlfriend to “oversee” part one of the deal.  When it all goes pear shaped, he shoots his sister and takes off with the kidnapped Maddie…all the while giving off the vibe of “fuck sakes…all I wanted to do today was play xbox.”  Like an episode of worlds dumbest criminals.  Broker catches up with him (of course) and beats the living hell out of him very easily.

I thought the women in the movie were excellent.  Kate Bosworth was amazing.  She nailed her character, without being too over the top, or a bad parody of the strung out mom.  Isabela who played Maddie wasn’t one of those child actors who annoy the shit out of you.  Very real, and a cool kid.

Jason Statham was great.  He was great as a dad, laughing and joking around with his kid.  His vibe was definitely “authentic bad ass, so don’t tempt me.”  I laughed at his “you don’t need to know” comment to the sheriff asking, “what are you son, ex military? ex-cop?”.  I do love these characters.  Capable, strong, and sexy as you can imagine guys…doing what is right, defending and protecting what is important.  Characters that Jason can do justice to very easily, and yet, I like when there are new elements thrown in there…like this one, where he is a caring dad.  Gave up his career for the sake of his daughter.

A couple of things went through my mind besides noting how stupid Gator was, and how NOT a threat he would be…

– Breaking Bad had such an impact on me, I actually thought Walter White would have a fit if he had to work in either of those labs depicted in Homefront.

– what happened to the kitten Luther?  There should have been an ending scene where the kitten was curled up on Jason’s chest…all is right with the world…ahhhhhh…..

-what happened to the school psychologist?  And how is it that a small town is able to have a school psychologist on the payroll?  Add this onto my ending…kitten curled up on Jason’s bare chest as he lies in bed with a smile on his face, and as the camera pulls back we reveal the school psychologist curled up beside him, stroking the kitten…HA.  Gone too far?  Too Cheesy?  Maybe so, but fun to think about…

I thought the movie was pretty good.  Predictable, but entertaining.  I thought it was great for drama, lightheartedness, and action moving along well and giving us some suspense.  Reading some of the reviews on Homefront, I wondered if the critics had actually seen the movie.  They had pointed out things that they thought had been laughable oversights, like how do you explain Jason’s British accent…well, the fact that he worked for Interpol might have done that, and one critic had mentioned that the character had used his real name as an undercover cop in the biker gang…well, no he didn’t, and that was quite obvious.  I guess when you really admire someone, it’s hard to handle when someone “poo-poos” their efforts.  I had hoped to be able to get back into the cinema and pay to see it, but wasn’t able to organize it.  Maybe I’ll just send my $10.50 directly to Jason Statham shall I?


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Redemption review

So I like a dark story…I can always grab onto a story that involves a bit of right and wrong, and people struggling to understand themselves and how or why they are where they are and who they are, and what they are going to do about it.  If they need to change or adapt in some way – the journey is always interesting…or at least it’s supposed to be.

hummingbird1Redemption or Hummingbird as it was originally called (and still called in it’s country of origin) is according to the package:

On the run from a military court martial, a damaged ex-special forces soldier (Jason Statham), navigating the criminal underworld, seizes an opportunity to assume another man’s identity.  Bent over a friend’s murder, he will risk everything to find the killer and enforce his own form of justice.

Joey Jones (Jason Statham) is existing in a world of cardboard boxes for shelter, alcohol and drugs for comfort, and Isabel for staying human.  After enduring a shake down and beating in the alley, Joey is advised to not fight back by Isabel and while the beating commences, Isabel is advised to run by Joey.  Already it’s interesting – “Don’t fight back”  – why not?  This is a Jason Statham movie after all???!!! I like this already.  He takes as much as he can handle before getting away hiding from his attacker by breaking into a rooftop window and falling into a vacant apartment.  First thing is first – he finds a bottle of vodka to get him through the night.  Joey realizes the apartment will be left unoccupied for several months…he goes through the pile of mail at the door and finds a new debit card to which he matches the pin from another letter.  And we’re off!

Joey helps himself to the bank account, buys drugs and visits his “angel” sister Christina giving her a wad of cash to buy something nice for herself. Suffering from PTSD Joey has hallucinations of hummingbirds flying around him in the apartment.  We see flashbacks of the soldier Joey Jones.  The only survivor of an attack.  We see Jones attempting retribution, while we hear the surveillance in a chaotic attempt to identify the soldier and uncover what he is doing.  We know he’s on the run from a court martial – there will be no forgiveness.  Sister Christina debates over what to do with the money, a charitable donation on behalf of the soldier, but in the end she buys a box seat for herself at the ballet.

Just as I was wondering what is taking Joey so long to look for Isabel, and shouldn’t he be finding her and bringing her to the apartment…just what is the relationship here…he decides to put himself back together.  He gives up the booze, begins eating right and exercising, while working as a dishwasher at a Chinese restaurant.  Joey put up posters for Isabel to call him, and she does eventually…she says she just wants to earn enough money to get back up north.  Well, we know that’s not going to happen.  Joey spies on his ex wife/girlfriend (don’t know if we know the nature of the relationship) and his daughter.  Now we know there is even more going on for Joey.

I like these characters.  Gritty.  Real.  Life is tough.  So many struggles tearing at their existence…not pretty…not perfect.  We don’t get to delve too deeply, but we get a sense life has not been easy for a long time.  Through trying to find Isabel, Joey has asked Sister Christina for help from her connections to the police, and this is basically what starts a “relationship” between the two.  Though there is more they want from each other…but they don’t know it yet.

Joey gets promoted from his job as dishwasher and bouncer to driver/muscle for the boss.  What is interesting in the whole transaction is Jones is basically silent.  He stands at ease while awaiting orders.  This is the soldier finding use for his skills, waiting to be deployed.  The boss talks about his “little shit” son who doesn’t want to follow in the family business and prefers working in advertising.  Joey soon starts stacking money in the freezer.  He is at ease doing the dirty work, but the dirty money gets turned into good deeds.  He sends food to the shelter.  He puts a wad of money in the hands of his daughter’s mother after a gut wrenching scene in which we learn Jones has been an absent father.  And he buys Christina the red dress.

This is about the time in a blow sunshine up your arse movie that Joey and Christina fall in love and live happily ever after.  Not to be.  Isabel is murdered.  Christina maintains the only reason she agreed to meet Joey for his makeshift bbq dinner is to bring him the news that Isabel was found in the river, and to return the money he gave her.  Emotion boils over for Joey.  Such a tense and emotional scene…I don`t care what people say about Jason Statham he`s not a wooden actor.  Joey brutally confronts the shakedown ally goons for information on Isabel`s killer.  Joey invites Christina to a gallery exhibiting photographs that the owner of the apartment was invited to so he can relay the information through Christina to the police.  Christina arrives in the red dress.  What happens for the two characters is a bit of an emotional whirl-wind.  The killer`s description is paramount on their minds, but there is the red dress.  On top of all the shit that is piling up around them is the red dress.  Christina gets a little drunk and then the kiss happens;  like the red dress – it means so much and so little at the same time.

You know there is not going to be a happy ending.  Fleeting moments of what could be happiness, are sunk by what is dragging each character down.  We learn of the sex abuse Christina suffered as a young girl from a gymnastic coach.  Christina killed him and she was sent to a convent.  Yet she didn`t even want to be a gymnast – she wanted to be a ballerina.  Her father forced her to take up gymnastics instead.  Christina has asked for a placement in Africa which will see her leave London the day after the ballet.  Joey finds the name of Isabel`s killer after he completes a job that no one wants to do;  He counts the smuggled girls who arrived alive in a shipping container for the boss.  Presumably girls brought in for sex trade.  Joey is at least appalled that he held the hand of one very young girl…perhaps reminding him of his own daughter.

The climax is building as the countdown begins to October 1st; the day Joey will confront Isabel`s killer, and the day Christina will see her life-long idol in the ballet.  Joey invites Christina to take photographs of him to give to his daughter.  When questioned about why he wants to leave photographs of him looking like a good man, Joey responds that he won`t look like this for much longer.  In ending her crazy patch Christina invites Joey to have sex with her.  In quite a comical scene the owner of the apartment arrives home and is not able to get in.  He peeps through the mail slot to see christina and joey collecting their belongings and running out before getting caught.  Joey asks Christina to take the money and run with him.  Christina invites him to the ballet.  Ah, what might have been…

Joey visits his daughter briefly…giving over the bag of money she should give to her mum, and the envelope of photos for her.  It is touching that he asked to hold her hand for just a minute.  She doesn`t even know who Joey is.  He fully intends on not getting away with what he is about to do.  Christina waits for Joey at the ballet, and realizes he`s not coming, meanwhile, Joey is on the rooftop at a swanky party waiting to unleash hell on Isabel`s killer.  It still shocked me (even though we saw what happened in the trailer) that Joey confronted the killer and spewed `you should know what it`s like to be down there`as he heaved him over the edge to his death.  Wow.  Joey doesn`t get caught as everyone is in shock, he grabs a bottle off the bar and takes off.  Drunk and passed out on the street, Joey is met by Christina who is waiting to catch a glimpse of her idol as she makes her way to the car well after everyone in attendance has departed.  They are basically alone as Joey confesses just exactly what he had done in Afghanistan to warrant a court martial.  They killed five of ours, so I killed five of theirs.  Christina doesn`t offer anything but lending an ear.  She watches her ballet dancer depart.  What different paths these two might have had…

The end sees Christina receiving a letter from Joey before she departs for Africa, along with some of her photographs of him.  For one summer I was alive again.  CCTV picks up Joey, identifies him and sends in police to apprehend…somehow I don`t think he`s going to fight back.

I loved this movie and it`s dark not shiny beautiful characters.  The reviews were not very favourable but I thought there were some very moving scenes.  As a whole perhaps it lacked a little something, but touching on so many different things the characters were dealing with was ambitious.  There is no redemption.  Neither character is looking for redemption.  Broken people with fleeting moments of space to breathe and feel human.  Just as I suspected, I want to watch this movie over and over.

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Homefront trailer = Awesome Jason Statham

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Hello and welcome to nothing in particular

This is the name of the new sit-com I’m starring in.  Nah…not really.  Not feeling too confident these days.  I think I’m there, and I’m happy and excited to be doing something creative, and then I take a second look and criticize the hell out of myself.

I’m like a jack of all trades; who’s a master of none

Whether it be photography, drawing, reading, writing…it just never seems good enough, or not the golden moment where it all comes together to keep me satisfied.  Don’t even mention me trying to get my eating and exercise to a productive and healthy level…nike + running app on my phone laughs when I click on it, and I made banana muffins this morning with the intention of not eating any (I’m on my 3rd one right now).  Whew…

I read a truly funny tweet this morning from Kelly Oxford:

Who the fuck does my friend think she is posting an old picture of herself like it’s Thursday?

Which totally cracked me up, and of course I immediately sigh in relief…what? I can let go of Man Crush Monday, and Throw back Thursday!?!  What a concept!  Not that I was really a stickler for rules, but I was desperate to cling onto something that is/was an instagram staple.  I was trying to be like all the other cool kids…sarcasm plays well with me.

I bought Kelly Oxford’s book and will get into that when I finish what I’m reading now…although…I have been known to read several books at the same time.  I’M STILL READING the last Harry Potter book (going on year ?3?4?) and have finished several other books while it gets pushed aside.

randy couture and jason stathamI have not watched Spike TV for a long time.  Didn’t even check out Guys Choice awards.  Jason Statham seems to have fallen out of favor with them, so naturally I will boycott them.  I am keeping up to date with Jason’s stuff…you know…important stuff…like looking at photographs of him eating, walking to the restaurant/shop and then back to his car again.  Big old rumour floating about was that Jason and his girlfriend of 3 years are going to get engaged.  I must admit that I enjoy seeing them together – they’re both cool and snazzy dressers.  What I wouldn’t shop for with unlimited funds…I could give Rosie and Jason a run for competition.

Expendables 3 will start filming very shortly, and I was really happy to have Jason confirm that he would be “nuts” not to do the Expendables…so he’s fitting it in before he shoots Fast and Furious 7.  These are both going to be absolutely huge movies at the boxoffice.  And Jason still does his own thing, with Homefront, and Heat done and dusted waiting for the theatre.  I think I’ll have to wait until DVD for Hummingbird/Redemption, as with it’s limited release seems to have not included smaller Canadian markets.  Such a shame because it sounds and looks really good.  It’ll be like Revolver – I will probably watch it, and then when it’s over, I’ll watch it again and think about it non-stop for the following weeks, and then I’ll be inspired to write…and I’ll write and write and write, and then I’ll hate what I wrote…and I’ll be back on the blog complaining to no one in particular of my own failures/shortcomings whatever…stay tuned.

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I had 22 dreams last night, and you were in 21…again

Just for the heck of it – let’s post a pic or two of Jason Statham.  If you haven’t checked out his facebook page, I highly recommend it – I wish I had such a collection of pictures of me to show off.  Oh well – the glamorous life indeed…below are two of my favourite pics of him.  He’s busy filming in New Orleans at the moment on his movie called “Heat”, and dodging the media and endless questions about his involvement in the Fast and Furious franchise.  Looks like he might get a month or no time off this summer, and then back to work with Fast and Furious 7…and somewhere he better be fitting in Expendables 3 which had been talked about to be filming this August…can’t NOT do the Expendables Jason!  If his role in Expendables gets diminished, or eliminated I would lose interest pretty quickly.



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