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Hello 2013, and welcome!

Made it!  Here we are again, a new year has arrived and with it some of the same and some of the new.  As always.  It seems like the past 10 years have gone by without much to tell…too much angst and frustration, defeat and depression, sitting around waiting for the goodness to happen.  Well, it doesn’t just happen.  It does, but you need to take the small amounts and build on them, cultivate and nurture them.  Don’t dwell on what you haven’t got; rather celebrate what you have.  For heaven’s sake set some goals, work at it, and celebrate achievement for a change.  This month might give me some answers, but I’m not betting the bank I’ll be 100% satisfied with the results…probably more like a slap in the face, but there you go.  Life is hard.  Don’t be lazy.

jason and rosie skiing 3 january 2013Life is grand.  Keep your love close, and live the dream.  This year might be the year that we decide that it is way healthier to do what we want, make it happen, and (not to be mean or anything) dis-involve people who do not make decisions for us anyway, so what’s the point involving them in everything we either think about or do – or don’t do.  I’m not saying cut people out of our lives…just the opposite in fact:  don’t burden them with our struggles, or solicit advice – it’s too complicated.  Don’t take it personally, it’s just us.  We still love you too.

jason burton snowboard 3 3 january 2013


Jason and rosie 3 skiing 3 january 2013Cherish the moments.  You only live once.  Learn something new.  Take a chance.  Keep the confidence.  Go forward.

I read something that said learn how to make a great toast, and you will be more attractive to others.  (Who wouldn’t want that?)  So I’d like to re-think my “Happy New Year and all that shit” toast.  By the way, the best new years tradition that my husband and I share is we kiss too long at the strike of midnight so that it may be uncomfortable for other people in the room.  I secretly like that very much – it makes me happy that we celebrate that way.

I do so like these inspiring set of photographs that accompany my spewing of verbal cliches, and other ramblings.  I’ve always wanted to ski, and snowboard…thank you Jason and Rosie, stay strong and be happy in 2013.


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If I pat myself on the back any more, I’m likely to get a bruise…

Hi (whomever you are) and welcome to a post from me.  It’s late, I had an okay day, evening doing a little kidlet minding, and here I am with a cuppa and my computer.  Here’s what’s going on…

Hello Mr. Statham.  I really need to get out and photograph something…someone…

I really love this photo, and I have to apologize because I do not know the set photographer’s name from the Killer Elite movie which was filmed in Australia some time ago, but I wish it had been me.  Our friend Jase has been busy getting ready to film his next movie with Sly Stallone directing.  Saw Safe and The Expendables 2 this year, and looking forward to a couple of new Statham films in 2013.  I will always go to see Statham movies – he’s the best.

And while I spend some time looking up information on the internet on Mr. Statham…I get to see information on his favourite girlie – Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, leading me to uncover a million photographs of her.  Totally love the book Ten Times Rosie by Rankin.  I saw some photos posted online and decided to order the book (which is now 2 years old) and I was not disappointed.   I love to find inspiration to keep taking photographs from all areas of the art, though I am not even close to being a fashion photographer, nor do I really aspire to do anything really different than I already do…these photographs are incredible.  Love, love, love the book.

Because we have a little less noise happening in our house lately, I’ve been preoccupied with looking to fill the gap.  Somehow a couple of months ago, we went to visit our dog’s breeder, and I talked my husband out of getting another dog.  Now here I am showing him photos of a dog I want to get and he’s feeding me the same excuses I was giving him not so long ago.  But they’re just so darn cute!  Some people say two dogs are better than one…I think Drake would LOVE to have a little friend.

So now we get to the patting on the back phase of my life.  I got a compliment (well – I took it as a compliment) on my writing, and plan on stepping it up a notch.  Stay tuned people.


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My mum is now as old as Paul McCartney and other random thoughts

When I was a kid I once asked my mum how come she didn’t marry Paul McCartney.  I don’t recall her answer.  She wanted to go see the Beatles when they came to Toronto in 1964 but didn’t have enough money for a ticket – something like $3.50 – but she did see him 40 years or so later when we went to see him rock out the air canada centre.   Happy 70th Birthday mum!!!

Where would one of my posts be without a pic of Jason Statham???  I’ll tell you – almost non-existent that’s where!  Here is a good one I found on twitter.  This is what will happen when Jason gets a chance to show you what he’s learned…you will tap out.  I haven’t been watching the UFC fights for a while now…I don’t know why…partly because it costs a crap load of money to watch on PPV, and partly because GSP hasn’t been involved for a while now because of injury.  Although I had my interest peaked with the latest Anderson Silva fight, but settled for hearing who won and how at work the following day. 

Jason and I attended the wireless festival a short time ago, and I broke out my John Lennon hat for the event.  I used to live in that hat.  Nice to see it making a comeback.  I really do love Rosie’s style (as you have probably figured out by now that it’s not really me in the pic so why go on with the charade), and they seem to attend a lot of concerts, which I would totally do if I was a jet setting millionaire.  Back stage too…totally worth it.  I took a look at who was playing the festival and couldn’t help wonder if they caught Metric’s set.  I have an inkling that Jason is totally into alternative music – so I hope they did.  And another Canadian artist was also performing – Deadmou5 – whom my nephew is into, but I must admit I am not completely familiar with this artist other than what I have seen on tv.

The cast of the Expendables 2 was heavy into promotion lately and I can’t help but wonder why Jason isn’t in on it all.  Maybe he wanted a vacation from it, maybe he is working on another project and only had a few days off here and there to spend with Rosie in London.  I hope he’s not injured or something of that nature, or worse – he doesn’t want to do promotions for the movie because he felt slighted in some way…spoilers say he doesn’t get as much screen time as he did in the first one.  Maybe Stallone is saving Jason for the movie Sly has written and will be directing Jason in, which is to be starting production this year – or at least rumored to be.  I can’t wait to see Expendables 2 – it looks like a lot of fun.

Personally – I have been reading quite a bit lately – which has been good for my brain.  Haven’t picked up my paints or anything artsy besides my camera which is always close at hand…but I haven’t really put myself out there for hire (for photography! what were you thinking???) like I wanted to this summer.  I haven’t figured out my writing in a while either – although it is always in the back of my mind.  There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day for everything I would like to cram in, but then again, I always say you can sleep when you’re dead so I shouldn’t have any excuses.  Went for a couple of runs lately, but not nearly enough.  Felt pretty good, but my back is really screwed up at the moment (sigh – another excuse).  Also been thinking of purging my belongings – there is so much stuff – it is quite a daunting task to say the least. Now that I’ve written it down, I will have to follow up on that won’t I?  Stay tuned.

Oh yeah….I’ve decided that Canadian Olympic diving hopeful Alexandre Despatie looks decidedly alike to Kelly Jones of Stereophonics fame…don’t you think?

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Hat Trick on a Tuesday

Hello there friends and fiends…sort yerselves out.  Not much going on these days, and I wonder sometimes where has it all gone wrong…or right???  I wonder too…when was the exact moment when I missed the boat, or rather am I already on the boat but just wandering around contemplating nautical terms, navigating oceans of the past and present, plotting course of direction to destination unknown…

Here is Paul Weller’s new offering and it is very exciting to me.  The new album comes out in March!  Looking very much forward to it.  There is something interesting about Paul Weller’s last few cd’s…it is confusing to me a little, and I think that’s why I like it so much too – it is very much different than the old mainstream…sad state of affairs to turn on the radio – same crap different day.

Score number 2 is Paul McCartney’s new offering and it brought a tear to my eye.  Really!  Just how simple, and meaningful are these words, yet I would have trouble getting this together.  Gotta love Macca.  New cd in February…yay!

So I guess that everyone who knows me would expect me to throw in something to do with JS at this point as the hat trick comes to it’s climactic, dramatic, fantastique…so just close your eyes and listen to the next one and dream 22 dreams of a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!




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Lucky number 13, Noel Gallagher, and more…

Here we are people.  Congratulations – we’ve made it half way through November of 2011!  And what is notable this month?  Things remain the same – frustrating to some degree, but on the other hand I always try to look on the bright side and be thankful for the things I have got and still I struggle to find some way to feel success is on my side.

ANYWAY…….Got the movie 13 recently, and guess what?  It has Jason Statham in it!  Ok, so that is the only reason I got the movie, but I still might have been interested in watching it even without the Stath.  Here is the nutshell:  Desperate for money a young man with a Father in hospital collecting escalating bills, overhears while working on the electrics for a home owner, that this home owner has received a letter with the key to untold riches if he “makes it through to the end”.  Ok, so we know from watching the trailer that it involves a game of Russian Roulette, but what is freaky is that the young man has no idea what he is getting himself into, and the whole time, I’m thinking, holy crap!  Could you imagine if this kind of thing actually goes on…and it probably does somewhere in the world.  Jason’s character Jasper is the brother of one of the players.  It is an interesting character for Jason to play…so let’s look at the movie from this character’s perspective…He bails his brother played by Ray Winstone out of a home for obviously mentally challenged people so he can play the deadly game that they have been involved in 3 times already and were lucky enough to survive, and in Jasper’s case – lucky enough to prosper financially.  Jasper bets on his brother and solicits other bets from the attendees, and it all comes down to a duel between the young man (lucky number 13) and Jasper’s brother.  13 is the winner after 2 rounds of the duel.  Jasper is overcome with ?grief?remorse?guilt? upon seeing his brother killed in this brutal way…did he lose all the money?  Does he take off because he’s responsible for his brother’s death (presumably the only family he has left) and realizes just what a complete sh!t he is? or is it because he now owes the loan sharks he borrowed from to place his wagers on his brother’s luck?  Hummmm……With Jason, there always seems to be a bit of empathy played in the characters…so you’re actually thinking that he’s upset over his brother’s death…but not really.  It all ends horribly for the main characters, and Jasper ends up with a loving gesture made for someone else…with a double meaning.  The lamb bought for his sister’s innocent dreams and wishes of childhood becomes the symbol of the sacrifice and slaughter of the innocent.   One can argue a whole lot over the whole “innocent” perception…but in the end they had no choice but to participate while being manipulated by people they trusted.  Extremely interesting though…and goes to prove how greed can win over people with flawed “human” perspectives.

Noel Gallagher is brilliant.  Case in point his debut solo cd High Flying Birds which I haven’t stopped playing since I got it in my hot little hands.  Love Everybody’s on the Run and If I had a Gun…

Here’s the more part…sadly lacking!  Nothing much interesting to report…much the same as I’m still trying to get through reading the final Harry Potter book, haven’t completed anything artsy on paper or canvas or in the camera for that matter in a long time.  Haven’t been writing.  Have been working quite a bit and for a change I am enjoying it a lot…even thinking of completing more training.  I have also been watching a lot of tv…a lot I say because I am actually sitting down and watching instead of forgetting when things are on, or trying to find something to do while Dave watches tv.  Drake is enjoying my effort in walking him more often…hey! there’s a plus!

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Jason Statham and writing

Jason is busy getting ready for his next project which will start filming later this month.  Such a dedicated guy…we saw pics of him having a small get together at his Malibu beach house, and not a drink in his hand.

I have had the writing bug again and have started another novel/script.  I’m still not entirely happy with the first one I’ve had “completed” for a long time.  But I just keep being motivated to write as long as I am watching movies and thinking…I can write stuff like that.  And with that said…I only hope that my writing doesn’t really represent that.  That it sounds like I know what I’m doing and how to put a story together.

It’s just a little dream of mine that had been encouraged by school teachers and classmates.

Anyway, if it ever goes anywhere, or if it doesn’t…at least I’ll have the satisfaction of trying to get some stories down in words from beginning to end.

I know at some point I’ll have to subject Dave to listening to more of my first story…stay tuned.


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Happy Birthday Dave, Transformers Dark of the Moon, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Canada Day Wedding! Whew!

Happy Birthday Dave!  Cheers!  What’s not to like about your B-day?  You got to spend it with me.  I hope you can get someone to go golfing with and you get to wear your new polo shirt – once I get you one that fits.  I told the salesman, “picture a former body builder…”  I guess he didn’t get the reference to large shoulders…

Then we went to see Transformers 3.  I was interested to see it as I have seen the previous two…but don’t ask me to recount the plot…there are robots who turn into cars and there are good ones and bad ones…and Shia runs around like he’s fueled by red bull…ANYWAY…Rosie Huntington-Whiteley makes her acting debut in the film and I was pleased with her performance – I thought she was terrific and believable.  I had read that critics were not very kind to either the movie or her performance.  I thought the movie was okay.  My man’s comment, “Rosie is definitely hotter than Meagan Fox.”  I love the fashion sense of Rosie – well, at least her stylist…makes me wish I was tall and skinny…at least I have nice hair – when I don’t pull it back and then forget to let it down again for the picture with Dave (uuuurrrrggggg!)  Well done Rosie; I thought she was sweet,  had the air of a woman in control of her career and a confidence that allowed her to be strong, and be girlie at the same time…very sexy.

Seeing Rosie left me feeling: “walk with confidence girl” don’t listen to the critics.  I look forward to seeing her in her next project.  She is beautiful, and her image is one of a fun loving girl, who likes a guy with a sense of humour, and has said she finds it a turn on if a man’s back is sexy.  Well, there is no wonder she is with Jason Statham, whom I find to be hilarious, and there is no disputing his sexy body.  Lots of people like to point out the fact that Rosie’s body was featured in the movie…objectified…and Jason Statham doesn’t work out for weeks on end prior to being shirtless, or pantless in a movie???  Crank 2 anyone?  It’s about the confidence, and the body beautiful.  I don’t think it’s a bad thing.

Hope we all had a Happy Canada Day!  I was privileged to be asked to contribute photography for my cousin Jen’s wedding on Canada Day (July 1).

Jen and Martin


It was an absolute blast.  I was somewhat feeling challenged by the sun and my lack of sun shade for my lens, but I think I did a half-decent job.  I have come to learn that Martin (the Groom) hasn’t got the photoshop-fear I have yet to overcome, so hopefully he can work the photos into something wonderful.  Actually, he kind of gave me motivation to learn the damn program.

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