Hello all…a bit optimistic

purepeopleJason Statham.  Jason Statham.  Jason Statham.  Ok, so it’s possible my (Healthy?) obsession with Jason Statham has been lacking over the last little while, because, let’s face it…I actually do have a life.  Anywho…my typing skills are always needing an update, so I’m going to make a post and what better way to start off then to write about Jason.

Of course anything I write about Jason is purely speculation, or may contain actual facts, (that I read somewhere else) however, it is hopefully always going to be positive and in good taste.  At least we have that going for this bit.

Jason appears to be happy and healthy, hanging out in california either enjoying the city, or his residence in malibu.  There have been a number of articles appearing over the past few months promising us that Jason is going to be a very busy man making movies and a tv series.  We have the fast and furious franchise that will be Jason’s second appearance in the franchise, which will be in production with a release date already announced of April 2017.  We have the wonderful announcement regarding the long awaited “Viva La Madness” which will be adapted into a television series.  This makes me very happy.  I loved the book, so full of interesting characters, and Jason will be in his element playing the nameless lead character who gets drawn back into the criminal world.  There are also a couple of movies in the works, one in particular in collaboration with Tony Jaa.  Another “Mechanic” movie has been filmed and will be released fall 2016…too bad we have to wait so long to see this.  Filmed in Thailand (I think) has the familiar story line, but who doesn’t love a good dose of the main man forced to fight for all the right reasons.  Personal life seems to be good with the beautiful Rosie.  I do like her, she posts photos of her dogs more than she does of her man…I like that.  Must love dogs.

Music has been all about the new Metric, Stereophonics, and Paul Weller.  Also been checking out some of the bands promoted by the alternative radio station I like to listen to on my day off.  One such band is called “Dear Rouge” out of Vancouver (I believe).  Here is a taste of their wonderment:



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