laptop neglect and Jason Statham

So it’s been a while since my last blog entry.  I’ve been busy doing nothing worth mentioning.  Well, that’s not exactly true…I’ve been parenting; worth mentioning.  But that’s about it.  Tried a little putting marks on paper…tried a little reading…tried a little exercise, but nothing to write home about.  Seriously, I need to do more.

Here I am on my laptop…just put some of the photos from a shoot on Saturday on the computer and had a good look at them.  Ok.  I’m ok with them…part two of the shoot will follow on the weekend.  It’s difficult to shoot a lot with toddlers.

Photography makes me happy.  Being busy makes me happy.  Being active makes me happy.  I’ve become so boring…how did that happen.

Anyway…here are a few Jason Statham things to ponder…

jasonstathamfbmarch2014This fantastic photo was shared by Jason Statham on his facebook page.  It’s photos like these that make me so envious of the photographer.  Lovely portrait.

It’s the end of March 2014, and what is going on in the life and times of our friend, The Stathe???

Soon to start filming (according to twitter/news feeds) the Spy comedy with Melissa McCarthy, and seemingly simultaneously, Fast and Furious 7.  Meanwhile…I hope that Jason is getting together Viva La Madness as there was a social media post from an actor in Britain celebrating the fact he got an audition for a speaking role in a Jason Statham film, and me inferring that this was indeed for Viva La Madness.  Nothing has been announced yet though hopefully it will start filming asap.

Then we have the release of Expendables 3 in August (I can wait for that one – I mean c’mon!  It’s been such a long cold winter – I will not wish away summer so quickly) and sometime after that will be Heat which has been renamed Wild Card.  Interesting.

Here’s a fun rumour…Will Jason and Rosie get married this summer?  According to “some insider” they will be married this summer in Devon.  Rosie’s camp has only announced that there is no announcement regarding a wedding.  It’s fun to romanticize about it though…I would so love to hear that they got married and just didn’t tell anyone.  If it were possible, I’m sure Jason would figure out a way.  I think they should just go right to having a baby.  But what do I know???

Onto April and spring like weather.  Say goodbye snow, dirty snow.  I won’t miss you at all.




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